Our Mission

At Antigua Insurance Company Limited, our aim is to be the first choice provider of insurance coverage for all Antiguans and Barbudans. We intend to anticipate, meet, and if possible, exceed the needs and expectations of all our clients. We will strive to be the best we can be, and are committed to an attitude of Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement. In this way, we can ensure sound and reliable insurance coverage for all. To us, being the best means being the most professional and reliable company to our customers. As we see it, being the best is the only way we can really serve the long-term interests of all our customers and associates. We intend to pursue the course of honesty and fairness with integrity. Prompt settlement of claims is also a must with us. We recognize that we cannot be what we want to be if we do not treat our customer's right. Each member of staff has this basic fact engraved within their minds. To us, honesty is the best policy. We see no side doors to take on this issue. Our mission is to make your protection our business.


Our Values


Our customers are our reason for being. All that we do and all that we are, our professionalism, our service, our staff must be focused on providing superior service to our customers. Looking to the future, we are enthusiastic and optimistic about our prospects. We recognize that we must continuously and energetically sharpen the competitive edge. We recognize that the battle is not to the strong alone, but the vigilant, the active, and the brave. To that end we must continue to attract and maintain the very best and brightest people. In a challenging world that is globalising, consolidating, deregulating, specializing, securitizing, segmenting, reengineering, restructuring and accelerating, the velocity of change is in a word, stunning. Our main aim is to be at the forefront of this change. We must meet,must exceed our customers' requirements and expectations. Customers come to us first because "YOUR PROTECTION IS OUR PRIORITY". Every individual we deal with is assured of our corporate knowledge, energy and creativity. We recognize and respect the diversity, strength, ingenuity and imagination of every individual. Our professionalism and commitment to serving our customers is our hallmark. We will continuously hone the skills needed for all aspects of the risk management process and maintain our superior level of creativity and professionalism, thus enabling us to be innovative and to provide, unquestionable indemnity.



Our Commitment


At Antigua Insurance Company Limited, we recognize the problems faced by customers seeking insurance protection. For individuals, businesses and companies alike, the complex and fast-moving world of insurance can be a financial and legal minefield. It is our aim to remove the potential worry and to reduce the expense for all our customers. Because of this fact, we offer an individual and personalized service at all times. People appreciate and recognize the value of being treated as an individual when things go wrong. When a customer has problems and comes to us for reassurance or advice he / she will be dealing with people who understand those problems and are committed to helping. They will not be turning to an anonymous voice at the end of a telephone. We also aim to offer the highest possible levels of experience and expertise from a team totally committed to the purpose of Antigua Insurance Company Limited. We are committed to creating and maintaining a justifiably proud heritage and to take great pride is our professionalism and our commitment to performing to the highest standards. We guarantee plain speaking and insurance cover that comes with the minimum of "small print" and technical jargon. Our courteous and friendly staff is ready, willing and able to assist in any way they can. With the application of teamwork, we are confident that we can overcome any obstacle that may come our way. Teamwork enables us to operate and to deal with our customers and their situations in the most efficient way. We take great pride in the way we think because we have our customer's best interest at heart. We are here to make life easier and comfortable for you.

Our Business Plan


To Build lasting relationships with or customers by consistently anticipating and responding to our customers needs with valued products and services. To build a culture based on Continuos and Never Ending Improvement. To maintain a conservative capital position to provide customers with unquestionable security on all disciplines. To attract and retain the very best people. To foster an entrepreneurial environment that encourages teamwork. To maintain the proper balance and linkage between our underwriting, investments and capital.



Choosing an insurance company to protect all of your interests is a hard decision to make. You need to choose a company you can trust and rely on; a company that gives you friendly personalized service; a company that will handle your interests as if they were its own; a company with strong, innovative and smart minds; a company that rides the waves of the future; a company with an open ear; a company that cares and understands; a company that will offer prompt settlement of claims; you need ANICOL because we are all of this and much more. We guarantee you total protection and security.