This coverage is very vast. It covers the basic perils of FIRE, EARTHQUAKE, HURRICANE and numerous other disasters.

One of the most attractive area in the HOMEOWNERS COMPREHENSIVE package, is the ability to house you after a disaster in a hotel or other accommodation not to exceed Ten(10) per centum of the sum insured for the duration of the refurbishment.


Do I run the risk of violating any homeowners Policy by operating a Home Office / or a Business.


It depends.

The occupant may work at home if he or she is in an office type occupation
These include engineer, legal transcription typist, insurance life underwriter.

Excluded would be occupations that pose a higher risk such as catering, nursery school and auto mechanic.



What is the procedure when making a claim on this policy


All losses should be reported to your insurance provider without delay.

Estimates for repair or rebuilding should be submitted to the company with your claim forms.

An insurance adjuster will visit the area where the loss occurred to verify the information and cause of the damages.