Helpful hints towards minimizing losses from the following risk.



Monitor all tropical storm and hurricane watches that may affect your area.

Roof should be fastened to the house by properly installed hurricane clips.

Install fixed or removable wooden shutters for glass doors windows.

Timber building, there should have steel rods of not less than ½" thickness embedded into the pillars and wrapped around the slippers.

Have stocks of canned goods, as well as other none perishable items in case the storm should strike. Your house and extension should be properly built to withstand hurricanes.



Make contingency plans to pick up family in the event of an urgent situation.

When buying land check to see if the area is low-lying and if so, ensure that proper drainage is in place.

Have an alternative route to reach home in the event of a flood.



If you do not own a fire extinguisher, get one and have it properly installed in your home service regularly.

Put matches out of the reach of small children.

If you are a smoker do not smoke in bed.




Having a security system installed could possibly give you greater peace of mind knowing it's there when you are not.

A fenced yard area also gives added security.

An extra pair of eyes and ears would be of help especially at night, think about getting a watchdog.

Extra lights, every house needs some.